Beach Brunch Lunch in Fratelli Beach& Club Mamaia!

Beach Brunch Lunch in Fratelli Beach& Club Mamaia!

Dear Friends,

“It’s a place on a wild beach we’ve been meaning to show you…”

This summer, Fratelli brings all its toys to beach, serving you a complete experience:
Our concept for summer days in Fratelli Beach& Club Mamaia
Beach, Brunch, Lunch!

Fratelli Beach -from sunrise to sunset, over 400 spots from beach beds to baldaquins
Fratelli Brunch – live cooking, open buffet, every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 PM
Fratelli Lunch (Dinner, too) – salads, woks, grills & pizza menu open weekdays from 11AM to 11PM

Few hints from the menu are:

The original Greek salad
The classic Fresh tomatoes with Romanian cheese
Beef fillet with fresh tomato salsa
Spicy chicken wings with sweet-chili dip sauce
Prawns with rice
All kind of WOKS
Pizza house made with Italian wheat flour and fresh mozzarella on wood fire oven
Tangerine vodka chocolate brownie
Home-made ice-cream

We have the crazy weekend parties in the night, the exclusive beach and the delightful food during the day!

Now we have it all in Fratelli Beach& Club Mamaia!

See you at the seaside!

Fratelli Beach& Club Mamaia