Les Fleurs du Mal in Fratelli Lounge & Club!

Les Fleurs du Mal in Fratelli Lounge & Club!

Chers amis,

This Saturday is about the changing nature of beauty in our days! We share an ephemeral experience of life and it is our pleasure to capture that experience in magic nights that can last forever!

Baudelaire founded modernism with his poems almost 150 years ago and left us a legacy hard to follow. But we’re doing our best!
We turn back the clocks to recreate a memorable scene from the past: decadence is the mood of the night in Fratelli Lounge & Club!

We brought some famous teachers to introduce us to that “bourgeoise” atmosphere of Versailles in the 1850s!
Together with Monsieur Chris LeMagic, two lovely costumed dancers from Paris will fill the night air with their perfumes!

Get ready for some lessons in French poetry, dancing, social life and … party mood with an Jagermeister ice cold shot!

See you this Saturday, 28th of January, around 11.30pm in Fratelli Lounge & Club!

À tout à l’heure!

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Les Fleurs du Mal in Fratelli Lounge & Club!
Date Saturday, 28 Jan 2012
4 RASCOALEI 1907 Street Constanta ROMANIA
Opening hour
004 0725 510 000